product features

Cosmospheres are mainly based on Microcrystalline Cellulose, Lactose or Mannitol and different actives. They are produced in pharmaceutical production facilities and are therefore, of highest quality and purity.

Because of their basic composition Cosmospheres are hard and dry when delivered as bulk to you. Only if they are added to a formulation that contains water they will get soft and spreadable. Especially advantageous is that Cosmospheres do not leave any residues when rubbed away.

Because of these unique properties they are specifically suitable to visually underline your marketing claims in a superb and aesthetic way with an innovative eye-catcher.


  • liquid or powder ingredients
  • colours/pigments
  • hydrating oils
  • cooling/warming agents
  • vitamins
  • perfume- and essential oils
  • and more...


  • Cosmospheres are the ideal beads to give your cosmetic product the uniqueness you desire
  • Added to your product, Cosmospheres provide a superb, esthetic visualization of your marketing claims
  • Cosmospheres give your product a special touch


  • Cosmospheres are hard and solid as bulk. They get soft within your water containing formulation
  • Cosmospheres spread easily on the skin due to their softness
  • Cosmospheres leave no residues
  • Cosmospheres have up to 5 years of shelf-life
  • Cosmospheres can contain functional ingredients like vitamins, cooling/warming agents, plant extracts, hydrating oils ...
  • Specific types are COSMOS certified

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